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About Lawrence Miller and 1031 Exchange California


Turnkey 1031s is the DBA name for Lawrence Miller’s 1031 exchange business as an independent contractor for Emerson Equity, a licensed broker dealer located in San Mateo, California.


Our values Matter


Turnkey 1031s executed its first 1031 exchange in 1993 and has since that time educated and assisted many wealthy clients in deferring taxes on commercial real estate they have sold by utilizing the 1031 exchange.

There is no industry where the skill to educate is more relevant than in the 1031 business. Mr. Miller often meets with wealthy clients and their CPAs to explain depreciation schedules and cost segregation benefits of replacement properties. Tax benefits are not the same for all real estate and application of this knowledge can lead to dramatic differences in taxable income.

Today’s 1031 exchange market typically has 25-30 replacement properties available to 1031 exchange clients at any one time, and this helps in achieving diversification, which has the potential to add comfort and security to clients, rather than having all their eggs in one basket.

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